1. Satisfaction

  • we are committed to follow commonly approved practices and working methods
  • customer and owner satisfaction is our goal
  • personnel, business partners and the local community have to be satisfied too

2. Competence
The following pre-requisites are vital for us:

  • competence that supports long term competitiveness
  • continuous learning (from each others or from other organizations)
  • work must be also fun => we can enjoy the success achieved

3. Systematic, proactive thinking and continuous improvement

  • we develop our business systematically based on our strategy
  • people and environment have a major role in our plans and activities
  • we eliminate the potential disturbances beforehand
  • we improve continuously our business activities

4. Helpful attitude

  • we help each others to succeed in our daily tasks

5. Speed and flexibility

  • we make fast and justified decisions
  • we execute these decisions effectively
  • we have positive attitude for the necessary changes