Our team has a long experience in manufacturing products made of sheet metal. On the long run the experience has been gathered not only with customers in global international markets but also in Scandinavian and local markets.

The experience in the automobile industry has given us guidelines for developing our systems in materials, production functions and also when quality systems and environmental issues are concerned. 

We give thanks to automobile industry our know how in deep drawn techniques and production methods for high and medium size volumes. When dealing with telecom and power technology industries our team has learned CNC-techniques, assembling and integration. Because of wide range customers with various kind of products we have the most methods in use to produce sheet metal components. This is why we are able to offer our customers the right methods to right volumes in order to get the best quality and the best cost effectivity to maximize the added value.

Our experience in product design is based on the co-operation with our customers. We take care of the prototypes, pre-series and industrialization of the products. We have also a infrastructural network with tool manufacturers, coating specialists and materials and component suppliers. We know that when doing business in ever changing market situation, you have to be extremely flexible which also the customers appreciate.

Techniques used for both automobile and power technology industries gives us advantage technologywize to became competetive in producing componets to all high-, medium- and low- volume products. 

This experience for the main fields of industry in manufacturing products made of sheet metal, applying the experience for the benefit of each customer for different kind of products, has given us the basis for beneficial co-operation as a component and system supplier for all areas of industries.